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About us

Ankor ir an alternative metal band based in Catalonia (Spain) with the female front singer/screamer Jessie Williams (Bristol, UK) the drummer girl Ra Tache (Ponta Grossa, Brazil), and guitarist/singers David Romeu and Fito Martinez (Tarragona, Catalonia) formed in 2003 in ‘Els Pallaresos’ a small village near Barcelona, when its members were only around 14 years old. More than 15 years later, with 5 albums on their backs and spread worldwide, Ankor is a national reference in Spain.

In January 2015 Ankor was chosen best newcomer band by the readers of the oldest and most prestigious rock magazine in Spain and South America; La Heavy (Heavy Rock/Kerrang). Their 4th studio album, ‘Beyond the Silence of These Years’ published in May 2017 raised the band to a new level, allowing Ankor to start their first worldwide tour.

‘White Dragon’ (April 2019), Ankor’s latest album is the most ambitious album of the band, without any fear to explore and mix different styles of metal, rock, rap, electronic or even funk. Mixed by Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember, Paramore, Papa Roach…) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Muse…), discover the world of Ankor and their alternative metal music in ‘White Dragon’.



White Dragon (2019)

Beyond the Silence of These Years (2017)


Get On The Winner Horse! (EP 2014)


Last Song For Venus (2013)


My Own Angel (2010)



We only look back to go further.

New tour dates coming soon!
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Thank you guys for +300,000 views in Rockstar! (Link in stories) After some months without covers, we're working on a new one! Can you guess it?

Barcelona, you have shown us that a band doesn't need agencies or big labels to enjoy nights like this. You all sang from the first song to the last, your voices made it difficult for us to hear ourselves through our monitors! This was surreal 🤯
Now, the first leg of our White Dragon Tour, which has taken us to Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium as headliners for the first time, is over. We never expected to have such an amazing feedback, you all guys are amazing! But this has only just begun. We're now closing our first concerts in Germany, UK and more countries we'll announce very soon. There is no secret to it, just hard work, passion and music.
We love you all ❤

Madrid, no words can describe how you made us feel. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts ❤

Next shows:
Zaragoza 15/06
Barcelona 21/06
Bilbao 22/06
Flensburg 24/08 📸@javierbragado
#ANKOR #WhiteDragonTour
Madrid you've been AWESOME!! One of our best shows in our history🙏🏼❤ (soon videos)

Entradas en ankormusic.com y en taquilla

#ANKOR #WhiteDragonTour 📸@javierbragado


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