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Ankor is an alternative metal band based in Catalonia (Spain) with female front singer/screamer Jessie Williams (Bristol, UK), female drummer Ra Tache (Ponta Grossa, Brazil), and guitarist/singers David Romeu and Fito Martinez (Tarragona, Catalonia) formed in 2003 in ‘Els Pallaresos’ a small village near Barcelona, when its members were only around 14 years old. More than 15 years later, with 5 albums on their backs and spread worldwide, Ankor is a national reference in Spain.

In January 2015 Ankor was chosen best newcomer band by the readers of the oldest and most prestigious rock magazine in Spain and South America; La Heavy (Heavy Rock/Kerrang). Their 4th studio album, ‘Beyond the Silence of These Years’ published in May 2017 raised the band to a new level, allowing Ankor to start their first worldwide tour.

‘White Dragon’ (April 2019), Ankor’s latest album is the most ambitious album of the band, without any fear to explore and mix different styles of metal, rock, rap, electronic or even funk. Mixed by Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember, Paramore, Papa Roach…) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Muse…), discover the world of Ankor and their alternative metal music in ‘White Dragon’.



White Dragon (2019)

Beyond the Silence of These Years (2017)


Get On The Winner Horse! (EP 2014)


Last Song For Venus (2013)


My Own Angel (2010)



THANK YOU / GRACIAS for +1MILLION views of NANA! Leave a comment if you got to know us with this song! / Déjanos un comentario si nos conociste con esta canción!.
We can't wait to be again on stage with all of you (Europe this summer🙏🏼), but meantime, we will bring you some new stuff on YouTube soon! Link in bio! .
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Hi guys, can we ask you a favour? As you know, we’re confined at home like many other artists and that means that we’ve had to cancel some shows, so in these days of quarantine, we would like you to share Ankor with friends who you think will like it. You can find links to our Youtube and Spotify channel on our stories, where you can find our best songs and metal and acoustic covers. Tag someone in the comments below and post stories tagging us! This way, you can help us way more than what you think and we’ll be sharing music with everybody. Thank you very much 🙏🏼❤.
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT “EUROPEAN TOUR, future projects, cancellations”:.
How are you guys? We’re writing to inform that due to the situation we’re living right now because of Covid-19. First of all we want to let you know that we’re all okay, us and our families, although the situation in Catalonia and Spain is critic. We’ve been locked at home for a few days now without going out, but as many as you know, a few members of the band live together in a house outside Tarragona. So even as bad as it is, we are still working and preparing things for all of you. We’re preparing a new music video of one of our songs on White Dragon (leave us in the comments what song you think it will be), a new metal cover and our special video 100k YouTube subs. Click the link on our bio if you don’t want to miss any of these videos.
Many of you are also asking about this summer tour with Infected Rain, which starts the 10th June. For now, we shouldn’t worry about it and we should be positive that everything will be as back to normal as possible by then, but as for our concerts in Vigo and Oviedo (Spain) on 3rd and 4th April they have been postponed to October 2nd and 3rd thanks to @onfirepromo, @manticoraproducciones and @desvan_prods
We encourage all of you to stay home, as it has been proved that it’s the best option to stop the virus from spreading. We’re sure that with everyone’s help this will be solved soon, it’s in our hands.
A huge hug to all of you.
#ANKOR #stayhome
#quedateencasa #covid_19
EUROPE THIS SUMMER!! We are very honored to be special guests in the new @infectedrain_official European summer tour! A lot of countries you've been asking us to visit, finally here! Thanks to Infected Rain, Massive Music and @napalmrecordsofficial for having us ❤, see you all in a few months, stay tuned for more info.
3 years ago, a new era started. After a long time of silence, after sinking in the darkness, we managed to come up to float and burn everything to grow again. After publishing this song, first single of Beyond the Silence of These Years, we discovered that we’d never be able to stop making music, no matter who or how many people supported us. We kept believing in ourselves, and that is what brought us here. 2 albums later, 3 Spanish tours, 2 European tours, 2 Asian tours, and thousands of people later, here we are, stronger than ever. This song shows us that when you don’t like something in your life, you have to pull it out and plant again. Cause in the end, the flower always grows back. LOST SOUL.
(Link in bio).
#ANKOR #LostSoul
"The strongest wolf was me".
Thank you for 250,000 views in 3 weeks! We're thinking about our next music video, help us choose one in comments! (Link to Holy Wolf in bio).
Recording something very special and personal for you guys. Go to the link in our bio and subscribe to be the first to know what this is🥰.
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+2,000,000!! +2 MILLION VIEWS in our BAD GUY cover after 5 months, this is insane, thank you all! We've already reach the beautiful number of 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and we're preparing a very special video, subscribe to our channel and don't miss it! (Link in bio).
#ANKOR #BillieEilish
More than 100,000 views in 'Holy Wolf' only 6 days after its release! +7,300 likes, +3,000 new subs, this is a new record for us, THANK YOU!! (Link in bio). Don't forget to participate in our new 🎁GIVEAWAY🎁, all the info in our previous post!

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You have time until this Sunday 23rd, you can do it as many times as you like, worldwide shipping! We’ll announce the winner on Monday 24th! Good luck to all of you and thanks for participating!
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Some weeks ago in #TokyoTower during our #Japan tour. We love this country and its people! Which country should we visit next?.
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